Shift Concussion Management – Kanata Trained Provider

Looking for Kanata Concussion Testing, Treatment and Care?

Shift Concussion Management Program - Certified Provider - Kanata

Campbell Chiropractic of Kanata is a provider of the Shift Concussion Management Program. Both Dr. Sheldon Campbell and Dr. Matthew McKeagan are Level 2 Trained Providers of the Shift Concussion Management Program for the delivery of concussion management and rehabilitation, including:

  • Concussion Baseline Testing
  • Concussion Assessment & After-Injury Care
  • Sports Team Concussion Management Including:
    • Concussion Baseline testing
    • Training for on-field Assessment of Concussions
    • Copies of each player’s baseline tests
    • Concussion Assessment and Rehabilitation

Neurotracker: Perceptual-Cognitive Training Solution

Intake Forms

Please take a few minutes and complete these forms before coming for your appointment.

If you suspect or have been diagnosed with a concussion recently please fill out the Concussion- Assessment Intake Form [pdf] and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.

If you do not suspect a current concussion please fill out the Concussion-Baseline Intake Form [pdf] and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.

Our Certified Concussion Management Providers

Dr. Sheldon Campbell

Dr. Campbell

Dr. Matthew McKeagan

Dr. McKeagan